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Integrating with CI/CD pipeline

Use the Outomated API to trigger builds within a CI/CD pipeline. This part of the documentation provides an overview for integrating Outomated API with some popular CI/CD providers.

Github Actions#

name: Production-Deployment-Example
on:  push:    branches:    - main  pull_request:    branches:    - main
env:  KEY: "OUT...." # Your API key  API_URL: "" # Replace PROJECT_ID
jobs:  tests:    runs-on: ubuntu-latest    steps:      - name: Outomated tests        run: STATUS=$(curl -H "X-ApiKey:$KEY" -X POST $API_URL | jq -r .status)             if [ "$STATUS" != "success" ]; then               echo "Outomated test failed with status $STATUS"               exit 1             fi  deployment:    runs-on: ubuntu-latest    steps:      - name: Example deployment...

Make sure to read API section to learn more about available endpoints, payload, and how to retrieve API key and PROJECT_ID.