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Every run of one or more tests creates a new build. For easiness you may assume that 'running tests' and 'running builds' are the same thing.

See Running Builds to know how to create and start new builds.

There are a few important details about a build:

  • It is immutable and no part of it changes after it's created.
  • A snapshot of every component that create a build is captured at the time of build creation. If those components later change, they don't reflect in the previously completed build. Those components are, build capability, runner's preferences in build configuration, test code and global and build variables.
  • Since it is immutable, build detail shows captured data from the time when the build was created. For instance, if you check code of some test in an old build, it may be different than current.

Running builds in Outomated involve starting a new VM which runs the included tests. There are a lot of configuration options and various details of a completed build that are discussed in further chapters.