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Debugging Tests

Outomated provides several tools to debug failing tests. Here are a few important things to know and understand that will help you resolve problems with end to end tests quickly:

  • Always keep debug build capabilities variants together with non-debug capabilities so that you can select them quickly from IDE and be able to view detailed debug or trace level logs once a build finishes.
  • Understand different type of logging options available from build details and choose the one you require while creating debug variants of build capabilities.
  • If you're working with IE browser, we provide lot of webdriver configuration options in Build Capability. Read the information next to an option to learn more about what that does.
  • While going through driver logs, jump in file where the issue occurred and carefully understand how webdriver handled that particular problematic command. Understand the parameters it received and how it interpreted them. Driver logs are generally the most useful resource for debugging a failing test.
  • Watch live preview to catch the failing portion quickly.
  • View screenshots or preview and see whether the test stuck at some particular point. If so, investigate in driver logs what happened during that command execution in driver.
  • Use print(message) function to log data in variables or returned by a function call.
  • Use chrome's network/page logs configured using build capability to investigate performance related issues.
  • Make sure you've gone through zwl documentation before you begin writing tests. We've written extensive and concise guides to help you with all possible issues.
  • Always feel free to ask questions to community. Each and every question asked in community will get a satisfactory answer.