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ZWL Language Resources

To start writing end to end tests using ZWL, it is important to understand it's language specifics. If you're just beginning, it is advised to just go through the introduction, check out a few examples and concepts. Visit back here when you start working on advance test cases.


While learning ZWL language, you may often want to check the behavior of a code snippet. For example, you may want to check the output of an expression, calculation or a language feature. Dry Run feature of IDE allows you to run tests written in ZWL without running a browser (and a VM). It comes handy to verify that a code snippet behaves as expected.

Take a look at following categories:

ZWL Language IntroductionGet a quick introduction of the syntax, statements, keywords, expressions and features of ZWL under 10 minutes.
ZWL Language SpecificationDetailed ZWL language specification.
Guides & ConceptsGet an overview of some of the language features and functions and learn how they work.
Error Codes and CausesError codes and common causes.
API ReferenceDetailed reference to all built-in language functions.