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These guides are designed to help you easily understand the available functions and tools for writing solid end to end tests in ZWL with great ease. We will explain some of the challenges you may experience while writing tests for complex applications and their easy solution. We're sharing every possible detail to make you awesome with e2e testing.

These guides are divided in following categories:

Building SelectorsGet a guidance on choosing the right selector, building resilient selectors and considerations.
Finding ElementsDetails of how to find elements, functions overview, selector types, and timeout.
Manual WaitsLearn the concepts behind manual wait, waiting for asynchronous updates and page loads, overview of available untilXX functions, customizing the wait, details of staleness, removal, and more.
Dry Running E2E Test FunctionsLearn how to dry run tests that have e2e test functions.
Navigating PagesLearn navigating to pages, moving back forward and more.
Windows & FramesLearn how to open, close, move and manage browser windows. Learn to navigate among iframes.
Element StateGet an overview of available functions that tell element's state such as attributes, text, value, coordinates, staleness and existence. Learn how to capture elements screenshot and more.
Interacting with ElementsLearn how to trigger various actions on elements such as click, typing, hovering, dragging, file uploading, pressing modifier keys and more.
Running JavascriptLearn how to run js code in a page from a test.
Cookies & StorageLearn how to create, read cookie and how to work with browser storage.
Working with ColorsLearn how to verify colors of elements in test.
Select & AlertsLearn how to work with html select element and js alerts/prompts.
TimeoutsGet to know available timeouts and how to set and get them.
Best PracticesLean the best practices of e2e testing.