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Build Capabilities

Before running a build, we need to tell Outomated which OS and browser it should run on and what details should it capture such as logging and debugging. A Build Capability is a pre configured set of information that is assigned to a build before starting it. Outomated then takes those details and prepares to run the build.

See Introduction of IDE to learn how to add a new Build Capability.


Build Capabilities are not associated with a project and can be used across projects.

Example build capability setups#

It's a good practice to name build capabilities in a way that describes it's high level details. You may add browser and it's version, os, debug flag or any other thing in the name so that you can tell just by seeing the name what the capability is for. This helps choosing the right one quickly during builds run.

Following are some example build capabilities by name together with their brief details.

  • chrome-85-win10:
    • OS: windows 10
    • Browser: chrome 85
  • firefox-70-win8.1-debug
    • OS: windows 8.1
    • Browser: firefox 70
    • Firefox log level: TRACE