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Dry Run Config

Dry Run feature of IDE allows you to run tests written in ZWL without running a browser (and a VM). It comes handy to verify that a code snippet behaves as expected.

See Introduction of IDE to learn how to open Dry Run Config.

Sometimes when you're dry running a test that uses browser, platform or buildVars read only variables, it becomes necessary to configure their return values in order to dry run or pass it. Look at following example:

if == browsers.IE {  // IE specific code}

In order to dry run the previous test, the value of must be IE. To see current value of browser and change it to IE if it's not, open dry run config and make changes. This will let the previous test dry run successfully.

Similarly, if you're checking on platform or buildVars such as following:

if containsString(buildVars.SITE_URL, 'staging') {  // some specific code when current site is staging}

In order to dry run the previous test, buildVars.SITE_URL must contain 'staging' in it's value. Open dry run config and check what value this build variable currently resolves to and make changes if required.