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Build Result and Detail

Once you've run a build, it starts to show in Completed Builds (IDE has an embedded Completed Builds Tab which shows almost same information). You can select a build and view it's result and detail. Following steps explains this:

  • Go to Builds in console.
  • If there are any previously completed builds, they will be listed by build id and if available, by build name.
  • Select one of the build which opens up result and detail page.

Now look at following to understand parts of this page:

  • Total Time: Includes following times:

    • Time taken to boot a VM for build. In IDE this will be 0 second because IDE connects to already running VM to speed up development and debugging. Make sure you use IDE only for development and not for running day to day builds.
    • Time taken by all tests to finish running.
    • Time taken to process and upload build assets like logs, screenshots etc.
  • Screenshots & Playback: Allows to view screenshots and playback for the entire build. Playback is similar to watching a video of the build. Once you click on it's icon, screenshot viewer loads up. Let's understand how to use the viewer:

    screenshot viewer

    1 - Build's id. If viewer is opened for a particular test, it's name will appear next to this build id.

    2 - Navigation controls for navigating through screenshots.

    3 - Editable current screenshot number and total number of screenshots. Edit the current screenshot to jump to desired one.

    4 - Downloads the current screenshot only.

    5 - Full screens the viewer.

    6 - Start preview/video. Once clicked, a select option (with default option 1x) appears at bottom right for controlling the speed of playback.


    There is no option yet to download entire playback as a video file. Your content however is always available at Outomated console.

  • Output: Output generated by all tests in build.

  • Driver Logs: Webdriver logs as per the selected logging level in build's build capability.

  • Performance Logs: Appears only if chrome network or page logs were enabled in build's build capability.

  • Element Screenshots: Appears only if any test invoked captureElementScreenshot(elemId, fileName) function. Allows to download captured element screenshots.

  • Build Capability: Build's build capabilities detail captured at the time of creating build.

  • Build Variables: All build variables that existed at the time of build creation and their resolved values.

  • Global Variables: All global variables that existed at the time of build creation and their assigned values at that time.

  • Runner's Preferences: Test runner's preferences for this build.