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Waits until total elements returned by the given selector are equals to the desired number of elements. This is helpful when you're waiting for multiple elements to be created as a result of an operation, all of which can be retrieved using the given selector.


Should only be used when you expect the given selector to return at least 1 element after waiting. If you want total elements to become 0, use untilRemoved with the same selector instead.

untilTotalElementsEQ(desiredNumberOfElements, using, by)
# Or
untilTotalElementsEQ(desiredNumberOfElements, elemId, using, by)

Uses Element access timeout.


  • desiredNumberOfElements: Total number of desired elements, must be > 0.
  • using: string selector used to search the element. See details of using.
  • by: by constant. The type of selector. See details of by.
  • elemId: Element that must be the common parent of all elements to be searched. Search for the elements starts from here.


  • list of found elementIds