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Finds multiple elements from page using a selector and it's type. The search for the element starts from the given elemId. An empty list is returned when no element is found.

findElementsFromElement(elemId, using, by)
# Or
findElementsFromElement(elemId, using, by, noWait)


  • elemId: Element that must be the common parent of desired elements. Search for elements starts from here.
  • using: string selector used to search element. See details of using.
  • by: by constant. The type of selector. See details of by.
  • noWait: boolean indicating whether to wait for at least one element to be found on page. See details of noWait.


  • list of unique elementIds as string


allAddresses = findElementsFromElement(findElement('main', by.role), 'address', by.testId)# allAddresses is a `list` of address elements