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ZWL End To End Test Resources

This part of ZWL documentation contains everything you need to know to be able to write and debug great end to end tests.

The following categories are in order of suggested learning path if you're just beginning.

IntroductionGet a quick introduction to why and how of ZWL end to end tests.
What to TestLearn how to make a testing strategy, how to identify which parts of an app should be prioritize and which should be avoided.
Prepare YourselfLearn the things you need to know before beginning to write e2e tests such as element selectors, manual waits and more.
Guides & ConceptsGet to know concepts behind e2e testing, learn how to build selectors, understand error codes, understand various manual waits, interacting with elements and much more.
ExamplesExamples for some use cases.
API ReferenceDetailed reference to all built-in e2e test functions.